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Two bodies become one and move in rhythmical waves to the softly pulsating music - this is Zouk, a sensuous, sweeping dance which impresses the dancers as well as the spectators. In the recent years Zouk has been popular in Brazil, in the Netherlands, in Barcelona, Paris, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Zurich.

The term "Zouk" literally means "party" in Creole language, which is influenced by French, English and African roots. The different styles of the Zouk dance often have their origin in regions, but moreover they are dependent on the instructors.

Zouk Love, Brazilian Zouk, Lambazouk, Zouk Revolution and Mzouk, are just a few them. Zouk is a relatively young dance, which in the future will most probably bring forward many experimental interpretations. Perhaps we will have a new Gzouk style (German Zouk) in the future :)


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